002-What to expect during a home inspection

  • Who should be in attendance?

The client, whether it is the buyer or seller, should be at the home inspection in order for them to get face to face insight from the inspector. When the client is at the home inspection, they have the ability to ask the inspector any questions they may have. The inspector can also show the client the location of defects which will make it easier for them to explain to contractors and get further information that they may need in order to make an informed decision.

The real estate agent is often present at the home inspection but not always. A real estate agent may have information about the listing that the inspector is not aware of that can be beneficial. For instance, they may know the age of the roof or the year an addition was built.

Of course the home inspector is there doing the inspection. The inspector may also have an assistant or trainee with them that will be learning the inspection process, taking notes and putting a second set of eyes on the issues.

  • Exterior

Presley-Barker Inspections starts on the roof and works down from there. Consider the condition of the roof and make note of any areas where there may be a leak. When you get to the attic, you will want to inspect these areas closely. From the roof, we inspect the siding type and condition. If there is wood siding, you want to make sure it is not rotting or has animal or insect damage. We’ll then inspect the deck or porch. How is it attached? What condition is it in? How old is it? Then we will check the grade around the house. Is the grade sloping towards the house? Is there a tree or bush or vines growing too close or into the home?

  • Interior

We start in the attic and work our way down from there. While in the attic, we will check areas where the roofing or flashing was questionable. We also check ventilation, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing that may be running through the attic.

From there we will check each room starting at the highest level and working down. We look for any cracks in the walls, making sure doors are operating properly, and any damage or defect. We will also inspect any mechanical, electrical, and plumbing fixtures during this time.

  • Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing

The proper function of these systems are of utmost importance when considering the purchase of a home. Any one of these systems can cost thousands of dollars to fix if something is not functioning correctly. During a home inspection, the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems will be evaluated to proper function and safety. We will explore each of these systems further in a later blog post.

  • Home Inspection Report

For each defect, there will be a picture and a recommendation for whom the buyer should contact in order to get further information and pricing on a repair or defect. The inspection report should be easy to read and interpret. If there are any questions or concerns, you can always contact you inspection with Presley-Barker Inspections and they will happily review the items with you. A home inspection report should not scare you; it should make you feel more comfortable that the purchase you are about to make is the right one and you feel confident that you are making a sound decision.

Please know that Presley-Barker Inspections will be there for you if you have any questions or need any help after the inspection is complete.